Acton Scott


BBC2 Return to Acton Scott - Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn recreate Wartime Farming

Issued by: The Acton Scott Estate

In a new eight-part series, historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn take on their biggest challenge yet - to turn back the clock and run Manor Farm exactly as it would have been during the Second World War. They will face one of the biggest challenges ever seen in the history of the British countryside - what Churchill called 'the frontline of freedom'.

As well as tackling the trials of day to day living in volatile times, the team will be managing livestock, attempting to cultivate unused land, tackling new tools and technologies and learning the basics of civil defence, while all the time confronting shortages.

Wartime Farm was co-produced with The Open University.

Partly filmed on location at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm.

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