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'Victorian Farm Christmas'

Issued by: Lion Television

Filmed in and around the Acton Scott Estate in Shropshire, the first series of'Victorian Farm' saw three experts, Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn, running a small farm for one year using only 19th century tools and techniques.

Now Ruth, Peter and Alex will return to the Estate to tackle an array of new farming tasks; explore life in the wider working countryside; and discover in depth how the Victorians created the celebration of Christmas as we know it today ' from Greetings Cards and Christmas Carols to the rich array of festive food they put on the table.

There will also be an accompanying 'Make Your Own Victorian Christmas' website on featuring 25 festive projects that you or your family can do at home. Each one will have step by step instructions, a presenter led video to guide you and beautifully designed print out guides and templates.

In these three new programmes, many of the Acton Scott estate's period buildings, traditional landscapes and domestic bygones and machinary will be featured. The new series will once again feature Acton Scott Hall, the private residence of the Acton family, Henley Cottage, an authentic 19th century former farm labourer's dwelling, now restored by Rupert Acton as a quite unique Victorian Cottage,  Glebe Farm, the Old Smithy and Forge also under restoration, in addition to various locations on its well known Historic Working Farm, also owned by the estate.

Rupert Acton, said:

"I am delighted to be welcoming the Victorian Farm production team back to the Acton Scott Estate this summer.  This hugely successful TV series has been well received locally and nationally and has already resulted in a very large  increase in visitors to the estate, its holiday houses and our Historic Working Farm.

"Acton Scott offers the unique opportunity to connect with the simplicity and sustainability of 19th century rural life.  Practical opportunities to explore the period in more depth include staying at Henley Cottage, as featured in the series, or joining one of a number of courses in traditional rural skills and crafts, now run by the Historic Working Farm. 

"It has been a pleasure to have the crew and cast of Victorian Farm with us at Acton Scott over the last two years and we much look forward to seeing the Christmas Special, when it goes on air later this year."

For more information about Victorian Farm contact:

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