Acton Scott

'Do-it-Yourself' Wedding Celebrations at Acton Scott!

Many a bridal party have planned and coordinated their own marriage celebrations, taking advantage of our well equipped and easy to use facilties, holiday farmhouses and ample space.

A DIY wedding at Acton Scott is excellent value for money for those who are happy to keep the reins of responsibility in their own hands on their special day and who have the time and skills to put together what for some is the daunting task... but for many others the most joyous challenge... of constructing your own wedding and festivity arrangements.
A marquee on the lawn of Henley Farmhouse allows for generous capacity in a most picturesque setting: the pitch site comfortably allows a marquee to seat 200 at tables with room for a dance floor and bar (for music after 11pm we offer the West Barn event suite - see below). The adjacent proximity of the marquee area to the farmhouse enhances the ease with which the virtues of this site can be enjoyed.
In addition to engaging our lawn for the citing of large marquees, gazeebos, portaloos, generators and other amenities, you can also ask us to make the neighbouring field available to you so that your guests can benefit from the extensive additional parking that allows. The parking area utilises an excellently well drained piece of land and is most conveniently located for your guests. The full grounds fee for these things is £1000, although for more restricted permissions that fee can be as low of £300.

Henley Farmhouse: West Barn Event Suite

Henley Farmhouse's West Barn is a beautiful 17th stone and timber structure comprising two rooms (the 'Studio' and the 'Audience Chamber/Feasting Hall'), either or both of which you can hire as an add-on to your Henley Farmhouse booking. Both rooms have luxurious underfloor heating throughout and each has its own en suite WC (to supplement the ample bathroom capacity with which the farmhouse next door is equipped). The West Barn is situated closely to Henley Farmhouse’s main kitchen which is itself handsomely equipped and planned to accommodate most catering requirements.

The 'Studio' has naturally stained oak beams, beautiful lighting and authentic stone walls tastefully painted flat white - it is the 'blank canvas' that those wishing to plan their own decorations are looking for.  Standing capacity 80 (including staff).  Seated capacity 40.  £300 Friday 10am through Sunday 5pm.

The 'Audience Chamber/Feasting Hall' on the other hand, is a splendidly decorated hall, with an impressive 42 lamp electrified chandelier plus optional concealed lighting, several smaller chandeliers for use with candles, a large baronial fireplace, tapestry throughout and numerous other poetical features, everything designed in carefully good taste.  Standing capacity 80 (including staff).  Table seated capacity 40.  Theatre style seating capacity TBC.  £300 Friday 10am through Sunday 5pm.

You might also want to consider The Shooting Lodge.

Or for superlatively affordable charm and space your best option might be Acton Scott's Village Hall.