Acton Scott

Helping you Plan and Manage your own DIY Wedding

What bride or bride's mother couldn't do with a helping hand awaiting her instruction?

We can provide those choosing to plan and coordinate their own wedding with expert advice and assistance. Our "Assisted DIY" programme offers three parts:

Budget Analysis:

Want to know the secret to happy wedding planning? A professionally vetted wedding budget! Wedding budget overrun is the pandemic of the industry: the problem is so bad that in 2013 one in three new wedding couples actually had to use their overdraft to cover the bills. If you let us discuss it with you properly, you WILL be prepared. There are plenty of costs -- and even some savings -- that really aren't obvious.

Time Analysis:

If a professionally vetted budget is the secret to happy wedding planning, then a professionally vetted planning timeline is the secret to making wedding planning easy. Don't underestimate the size of the problems we can help you avoid if you let us do this with you properly.

Vendor Analysis:

We know our own local suppliers and professionals -- their reputations, their strengths and their style -- and we delight in the opportunity to research and review new specialists from further afield when asked to do so. 

The Budget and Time Analyses phases are consultant-led. The Vendor Analysis phase is client-led: we take much pleasure in procuring the appropriate answer to any reasonable number of specific requests for recommendations or advice you care to make.


All wedding planning services are provided by our on-site partners The Studio of Rupert Pearson who also provide distinguished wedding photography. Our "Assisted DIY" programme of wedding planning services is included FREE OF CHARGE with all wedding photography packages. Furthermore, as Rupert Pearson is Acton Scott based, he offers 20% discounts for photography at Acton Scott venues.

For those prefering simply to pay for our "Assisted DIY" programme of wedding planning services, we charge a flat fee of £400.

If in fact you would also like:

  • for us to plan your wedding,
  • to provide on-the-day services,
  • to 'design' or 'style' your wedding celebrations,
  • or should you want to hand the baton over to us with a month of less to go,

...then what you want are our Full Planning and Coordination Services, which we would be only too pleased to provide for you.